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Music Industry Insights

Before You Shop Your Music To A Major Label

Branding yourself in the music industry is crucial for your success and part of branding yourself is making sure you have all of your primary basis covered before you even think about shopping yourself to anyone in the music industry. 

Many emerging artists/artists managers reach out on a daily basis expressing to me that they have the next big hit! All though that may be true, many reach out in a hurry with limited or lack of quality content and ruin there one and only chance to be discovered. 

With that said some of us actually do take the time out to take a listen and then become disappointed because we realized that the content is not of quality or the artist brand is just not there yet. 

The day of an A&R is very busy and as much as we’d love too, we don’t have much time to sit around and listen to demos all day. Although there may be a diamond in the ruff opportunity by luck the label is usually not looking to develop artists from ground zero. Nowadays the major labels are looking for the complete package. They want you to come prepackaged in a beautiful bow shelf-ready & ready to sell. 

So, here is some advice that I will give to emerging artists and artists managers that is looking to shop their music and want to be taken seriously by any music label. 

Here are 5 steps you can take to make sure you are ready to shop your music to anyone in the music industry. 

1. Make sure you have QUALITY music, preferably ORIGINAL unique content that is copyrighted, but if you are going to do a cover on an artist make sure you sound better than the artist. 

2. Have a professional website. This website should include a Bio, Pictures, Videos, Music (your music), social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube) linked to all your social media platforms. Press content, any newsworthy information that would highlight you as an artist.
3. Make sure you have consistency in your online presence. For example, all of your Social Media names should be the same on each platform. To be specific, “Feme Fenix”, ALL of your social media platforms should have this name on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube and any other ones you showcase your talent on. Keep it consistent and clean easy to find. 

4. Have a One- Sheet prepared. A One-sheet is literally just that. It is one -sheet that highlights everything about you. Here is a basic example and should include the bullets below:

  • A picture
  • Short bio
  • Social Media (All your SM icons hyperlinked to your SM platforms.) 
  • Music Platforms Logos – Hyperlinked to your pages on YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music etc. 
  • Your website logo hyperlinked to your website

5. Make or invest in a quality EPK. An EPK is better known as an (Electronic Press Kit). The EPK is similar to a One-Sheet, but it is more elaborate, as it includes everything on a separate page. For example, the bio would be on the first, so on and so forth. You can look up “A How To” on YouTube / Google or have one professionally made there are many companies out there that provide this service. EPKs can have much information, just make sure it highlights you as an artist. Make these short, attractive and sweet, try to make no more than 4 pages get creative. 

Overall, you are branding yourself and because of this you want to be as professional as possible. Following these steps will benefit your overall brand as an artist. Remember, be consistent your entire online presence should have the ability to link up at the end. Make sure before you shop your music that you are 100 percent prepared to show the best version of you. You have one shot to make it happen and first impressions are lasting. If you are lucky you will get another. Good luck to you all and your journeys into making your dreams come true.