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The Importance of Monitoring the Strategic Planning Process in A Music Marketing Plan

The success of any marketing strategy for any industry starts with a plan. The plan also has to have a strategic planning process in place to be successful. This also holds for the music industry, as a whole. Artists have to have a solid marketing plan in place and the strategy needs to be implemented and monitored. I will share with you a brief strategy and the process of managing the process.


Apollo G is launching his new album “Last Days”, this album will consist of 12 songs, out of the 12 songs there will be 3 songs released as singles and each single will have a music video. The Goal will be to build awareness of the new album via Social profiles and increase followers on Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music. This will be done by creating objectives and KPI’s to meet the overall goal. The marketing plan will consist of an Audience, Strategies, and Activities as follows:

  • Audience – Target Persona, The Customer Journey & the Value proposition
  • Strategies – Marketing goals, Key strategies, Pricing & Positioning
  • Activities – Marketing channels, Tactics & Activities, Measures of success

As you can see, there are many elements to a marketing plan. For example, Audience Target Persona, The Customer Journey & the Value proposition in the audience segment you need to 1stresearch WHO is your Target persona, (15-25 yr. old males?) The Customer journey from start to finish you need to monitor RACE (Reach, Act, Convert, Engage) how are you working them down the funnel? The Value proposition – what value are you bringing to the consumer? What about the strategies – Marketing Goals, Key Strategies, Pricing & Positioning – To be specific, what are your marketing goals, and what strategies are you implementing to meet those goals? How are you pricing the album/singles? How are you positioning the artist in the market? Finally, what about the activities? For instance, Marketing channels, Tactics & Activities, Measures of success – What marketing channels will you be using, YouTube, Instagram & TikTok? What tactics will you be using, posting the album cover and reveal tidbits over a two-week span? Activities, will you create a dance challenge on Instagram with one of the singles? Measures of success, how many new followers do you have on Apple Music & Spotify did you get a substantial increase? 

As you can see, each segment has many elements that need to be monitored.  In the initial phase, the strategic plan must be continuously monitored on an ongoing basis. The reason being there could be many factors internally or externally that can cause a plan to go off course. Due to this, it is advised that a strategic plan be continuously monitored not only from the beginning but until the end.  

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