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Why Implementing A Digital & Traditional Integration Approach is Important in the Music Consumers Journey

The music industry is in the business of selling music. The way that the music industry reaches its consumers is by implementing a digital and traditional approach. This approach is an important factor because the labels have to be able to reach their consumers at every step of their purchasing journey. The label understands that each channel represents an opportunity to keep the consumer informed and engaged along the way until the purchase is completed. 

The way to integrate both digital and traditional is by following the acronym “RACE”. RACE stands for REACH, ACT, CONVERT & ENGAGE; within this integration, you can create touchpoints with paid media, owned media, earned media, and experience along the consumers’ life cycle journey, along the RACE journey. I will give some examples below of the different types of touchpoints that are used in the music industry when a new music single will be released.  

  • REACH –  Touchpoint of paid media can be implemented by the label using Radio to inform everyone of the new Nicky Jam single that will be released titled “Deje de Amarte” 
  • ACT – Touchpoint of owned media can be implemented on the social media platform, of artist posting a 30-second teaser of the album cover
  • CONVERT – Touchpoint of experience can be implemented by the artist uploading “UGC” User Generated Content of a fan onto their Instagram possibly piquing the interest of non – fans
  • ENGAGE- Touchpoint of personalization this can be implemented simply by Nicky Jam taking pictures with a fan and signing their new Nicky Jam merch they just bought at the “Deje de Amarte”  in-store event. 

As you can see, marketing can be done using many different forms of touchpoints either via digital or traditional. There are differences between the two. To be specific,  digital media includes everything that is seen online. For example, online advertising, SEO, Social Media, Websites & Video streaming services vs. traditional media which includes, Radio, Broadcast TV, Billboards Magazines & Newspapers.

No matter what touchpoints you decide to use, it is best to use an integrated approach of them both. The most important take away is that you must connect with the consumer at every touchpoint. This can be achieved by using the acronym RACE as a guide, to REACH, ACT, CONVERT & ENGAGE by incorporating touchpoints that consist of paid media, owned media, earned media, and experience you will not only be able to make the sale, but inherit a loyal consumer. I hope you enjoyed this snackable read!

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