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Live Nations Omni Channel Journey Experience

Omnichannel is a content strategy that uses a cross-channel strategy to improve user’s experience. Omnichannel uses communication between channels that work together to fulfill one goal to futile the customer’s needs. Live Nation is a Global American entertainment company. Live Nation operates, promotes & manages ticket sales for concerts and festivals around the globe. They do this by producing concerts, selling concert and festival tickets, and creating sponsorship opportunities for businesses. 

Live Nation has conquered the Omnichannel journey for the ultimate concert experience from start to finish.

Here is the customer journey for live nations Omnichannel experience:

1. Ozuna is going on tour so Live Nation begins to promote via Out of Home, such as, Billboards, Bus Wraps and Posters at the bus stop.

2. This gets your attention to go to their social media page to get more details. On the SM page, you can see a 30-second sizzle reel of Ozuna’s upcoming concert.  

3. You then want to see how much the concert tickets are going to be, so you go through the process and put them in your basket. You’re not ready to buy them yet but you keep them there and you have a certain amount of time to purchase them. Times vary.

4. Once the tickets are purchased you get the tickets sent to your email and the tickets have a barcode that can be downloaded to your mobile phone. 

5. On concert day right before you get to the front you have the barcode displayed on your phone for seamless entry. 

6. The concert is amazing you share on your SM pictures and videos on how much fun you are having and how you can’t wait for the next concert. 

 Overall, the job of the Omni channel’s journey is to evoke awareness, consideration, purchase, and retention. Live Nation provides a seamless journey experience so you can focus on your favorite concert. Enjoy!!!

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