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How Omni Channel Marketing Streamlines A Single’s Release

Omni Channel marketing is used throughout the launch from the beginning to the end of a new music singles release. Omni Channel marketing makes getting your song in the ears of your fans in a streamlined fashion. This type of marketing has a multi-channel approach that provides a seamless integrated customer experience.

So, you are an emerging artist and you want to get your song heard you have already mixed and mastered your song and you are ready to go. What’s next? Now it’s time to market your song in every way possible through every digital channel that you have at your finger tips. I have created some tips below on how to use Omni Channel marketing to create a seamless journey experience from pre-release to post release of your song.

  1. E-mail – You want to introduce the story behind the song and how it came to be. How and where will you do this? You will do this by sending your fans an e-mail letting them know you have a new song coming out and when and where the song will be available. In addition, you will want to let them know that you will be having a teaser of the song coming out soon,
  2. Press Release – You can write your own press release and with this you reach out to music influencers. Make it interesting so they will want to write about your song.
  3. Social Media – Promote on all our social media platforms. For example, In each platform within the banner you will want to add a banner promoting your new single to come soon, update links in the bio and make sure your bio and pictures are updated with the new album cover ect.
  4. YouTube– Post a teaser video on YouTube to tease your new song.
  5. Release Your song – You can release your song on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora etc.
  6. Re-market – Re-send a final e-mail letting your fans know that the song has been released and is now available on all digital platforms.

Overall, Omni Channel Marketing is a seamless journey experience for your fan to follow to get them from the beginning of your pre-release to the finale of post release, so that your fans can experience the excitement of the journey along they way and either purchase your single or add to their favorite playlist. Good luck!

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