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Religion Subcultures And Music

The are many subcultures even amongst religion. How does music factor into this? Music has been around for decades. Music has the power to transcend emotions and states of being. Many people find identity in music due to the power of storytelling. This can be both negative and positive.

To be specific, there have been debates that violent music causes aggressiveness, in a sense, it could be true, the problem is it’s not the actual music but the lyrics. When someone is listening on loop to a song that just raps about killing, robbing, smoking & drinking with a bunch of women on the side, promotes a sense of subliminal brainwashing some have said. In addition, if you hear a song about sex, it may give you sexual thoughts, right? What about the song “Red Red Wine” hmm, do you want to drink some Red wine? It’s very interesting actually because music has the power to guide our emotions and possible actions.

With all this said there are some Christ-centered individuals that feel that listening to secular music is bad for the soul and pollutes the soul with self-indulging thoughts. In a way this is true. In a way, it isn’t. There happen to be some great songs out there that are very neutral and are possibly love songs or overall positive songs in some way. There are alternatives to meet a happy medium. For example, there are rap songs, heavy metal songs, alternative songs, pop songs that just so happen to be Christian songs. These are songs that are uplifting but also very modern and can be listened to by anyone. These songs can range anywhere from very on the surface to very deep when it comes to lyrics about Christ if any at all.

Overall, Music has the power to transcend. Music can have an overall positive or negative effect on emotions, identity, and states of being. Although not all secular music is negative, many Christ-centered individuals prefer to consume content that is considered pure. At the end of the day it’s not the music it’s the lyrics and this is the difference between subcultures in music and religion.

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