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Why You Need A Social Media Marketing Plan as An Emerging Artist

As an emerging artist, you have many obstacles to break through, especially as an emerging artist. This can be even harder if you are an independent artist from a small label or if you are solo. Either way, having a social media plan in place is probably one of the most important things you will need to do. We live in a digital age and nowadays this is the most efficient way to reach your audience. There are many social media platforms that you can market your music on such as, YouTube, Spotify, Deezer to name a few but as an upcoming artist, your best bet is to utilize what’s free to start. With that said there are certain things you need to analyze before you can really start to understand how and where you should market your music. To start I will list below what is needed to create a social media marketing plan:

1. You need to assess your situation by completing a situational analysis. You do this by:

  • 1. Mission –  What is your mission as an artist? What do you stand for on social media? What is the message you are trying to get across on social media?
  • 2. Vision – What do you see for your future as an artist? What do you want? What goal are you trying to achieve? How can you use social media to convey this?
  • 3. SWOT Analysis – What are your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats on social media. 
  • Strengths – What makes you a great artist? How can you exemplify this on social media? Do you have a strong campaign going? Or do yourself promote heavily?
  • Weakness – Where are you weak? What do you need to work on?  Do you not post enough? Are you not engaging with your audience? Is anyone paying attention?
  • Opportunities –  What opportunities do you see for yourself as an artist on social media? Is there a piece of content that you want to tease that is exclusive BTS?
  • Threats – Who is your competition? What do they do better than you? Is another artist engaging more than you? Are you executing your strategy clearly on socials?

     4. Summary of performance – Write a summary of finding of your Social Media.

     5. Industry information – What is out that that is working for others? Have you tried implementing any strategies that you have found useful?

     2. Social Media Marketing Objectives

  1. General Objective – What is your overall goal with your social media accounts? To gain followers.
  2. Specific Objectives – What are your specific goals? To have them click on your bio link to listen to your new song on Apple Music.
  3. Strategies – How are you planning and executing to reach these goals?
  4. Tactics – What are specific actions will take to reach these goals?
  1. Consumer Analysis
    1. Audience Analysis – Who is your audience on your socials?
    2. Profile of Key Audience Personas – Who is your Audience Persona? What do you know about them? 
  1. Content Analysis
    1. Platform Analysis – Check out your platforms. How do your videos look on YouTube? Are they streaming properly?
    1. Content Examination – How does the video play? Is it good and engaging content?
    1. Content Calendar – Do you have a plan on when you are uploading your new release? Once every two weeks? Once a month? 
    1. Content Guidelines – Does your content meet the criteria for the platforms?
    1. Targeting Methods – How do you plan on targeting your audience?

 Measurements – Social Media Dashboard – Create a dashboard

  1. Metrics – What are your metrics? Look at all your socials. What are the numbers? How are your trending?
    1. Key Performance Indicators – What are your goals and how are you going to meet these goals?  Ex. Goal – Follower to click on bio to see new video release. How? Upload video on Instagram and tease 15 seconds of the video and say “Click in my bio to see the whole video. 
      1. Analytics Guidelines- Check to see what your restrictions are on gathering data.
      1. Customer Journey Map – Create a customer journey map. 
      1. Paid Advertising Strategy – Come up with a paid advertising strategy that will help push content on your socials and hopefully get your fans to take action. 

Overall, creating a social media marketing plan for yourself as an emerging artist is important. You need to know how your fans are seeing you from their end of the screen. You definitely want to give them a good impression and you really want to be able to meet their needs. I recommend you take the time to create this plan even if you have someone to do this for you, as it may help you to create content that meets their desires, hence meeting your desires as an artist.

Good luck!

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