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Brand Extensions in The Music Industry

Brand extensions are an extension of the same core product with an added difference. For example, there is Coca Cola and Coca Cola have brand extensions of other flavors such as Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke, Black Cherry, Lime Coke and more. 

The music industry also has brand extensions within music such as, sub-genres of genres. To be specific, there is Reggaetón which is a branch of reggae, Caribbean, Hip Hop, and Dance Hall all in one. Now there is a new subcategory of Reggaetón on the rise called NeoPerreo which provides an alternative sound to Reggaetón. Music is constantly evolving, and sub-genres are always surfacing from their core genres providing fresh new sounds for all to enjoy. 

Overall, Brand extensions of any brand usually make brands more appealing and interesting if done properly. Keeping their key components with slight differences that don’t overshadow the core essence can be an amazing addition to any brand. Brand extensions are used across the board of anything that is considered a brand. Thanks to these we can enjoy the same core products with amazing differences. From Coca Cola to music and everything in between brand extensions provides a most needed variety. 

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