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Building Brand Resonance with Your Fans

Many artists have the dream of becoming a famous superstar, but unfortunately, they don’t have an understanding of what it takes to get there. There is an entire business that is behind these artists to achieve just that. There are many aspects to the business, but we will focus on branding right now and to be specific, the brand resonance pyramid. In order to reach the top of the brand resonance pyramid, you have to navigate through these 6 steps to achieve the final goal of brand resonance, which is brand loyalty. I will provide the steps in order with examples and questions to ask yourself to see if you are on the right track. As an artist you are the brand and the goal is to turn your followers into fans. 

Step 1– Brand Salience – Are you noticeable? Do people remember you? Do you have something about you or your music that is memorable? Ex. Do people recognize your songs by the first 3 piano chords at the beginning of each of your songs?

Step 2– Performance – Do you have a style, design, or sound that sets you apart from the rest? Do you as an artist meet the needs of people who listen to your music? Ex. Your latest single is an inspirational song and your listener is in need of some inspiration and finds it by listening to your song. 

Step 3 –Imagery – Ex. Do you have an awesome personality that people connect with? Are you or your music symbolic in some way? Ex. Do people associate you or your music with a special time in their life?

Step 4– Brand judgments – Do you have credibility as an artist? Do people believe you and what you stand for? Do they see you as you see you? Ex. You want to be perceived as an artist who is raw and inspirational. Is that how you are perceived?

Step 5 –Feelings – What sense of feelings do you feel you give your followers? What emotional response/reaction do you actually get from your followers? Is there a connection? Ex. Happy, inspired, grateful. 

Step 6 –Brand resonance – You have arrived, this is brand loyalty. Have your followers become your fans? Do people resonate with you? This is your goal to convert your followers into fans. Ex. You now have many fans!

Overall, No one said this is easy. Taking the time to assess yourself as an artist and having an understanding of these steps will help you better understand how to reach the 6thstep, brand resonance. As an artist you have to know that building fans takes a lot of work and there is no shortcut to it. I believe that these steps/examples will help guide you on your journey to building yourself as an exceptional artist and making forever fans. 

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