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The Benefits of Infographics


Infographics use elements of design to convey content that is presented in a visual manner. The purpose of infographics is to convey messages in a simple and easy to read format. Infographics are usually understood and used worldwide. There are many types of infographics and they are used throughout all industries. Infographics tell a story with a short amount of text and a graphic that is representative of something.  Infographics can be beneficial in many ways to help guide or inform us and can represent just about anything. Here are 3 benefits of infographics:

  1. Can be easily remembered, understood and read – Infographics allow one to make a connection in their mind simply by the representation of a visual. The simpler the visual the easier it is to remember. For example, most people know what the Blue male and Pink female infographic stands for, globally. 
  2. Can generate traffic – If you have infographics that are visually appealing, they can catch someone’s eye, resulting in more clicks/shares. For example, when there is an infographic that shows the human body and how water effects it, many people become curious and sometimes share. 
  3. Can be easily analyzed and tracked – You can use infographics to do AB testing to determine if it was effective or not. For example, you can do an infographic of a new pair of sneakers that came out and ad a promotional infographic on one and one without.

Overall, infographics can be beneficial to many who are trying to convey a message in a short and simple format that is easy to read and understand. Infographics can be used globally and is a format of communication that transcends across all languages. Whether you’re creating them or reading them infographics have many benefits. 

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