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Big Data In The Music Industry

Big data is data that is digitally collected via social media, online engagement and transactionally.

The music industry uses big data to help better understand its consumer’s needs and insights and how to better serve these needs. 

Big data sheds light on insights such as music trends, patterns, consumption, new business opportunities & overall human interaction.

Here are some ways that the music industry collect this data:

1. Via social media platforms such as:

– Instagram
– Facebook 

By viewing likes, comments & engagement to content.

2. Via online such as Artists websites, Google searches, music purchases, tickets buys & merch buys. 

3. Music Platforms- Downloads & Streamed music via:

– Apple Music
– Spotify 
– Deezer 

To add to this Big data Spotify created an app for Artists to be able to view their analytics which gives them insights into new fan engagement, # of streams and geographical data of where their music is trending. 

This data allows them to tailor their playlist and bios to give a better experience to their fans. 

Overall, Big data is beneficial as a whole to all industries. Big data gives the music industry the ability to collect, analyze and monetize in this data-driven world to give the fan an amazing, unforgettable experience.  

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