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A Latin Christian Music Experiment

Latin Christian music is, for the most part, ignored in the secular general Latin market space because it’s not considered attractive. Unbeknown to the general market space LCM happens to do very well and sometimes even better than general market music. 

There are very many amazing Latin Christian artists that are unsigned. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the music is Christian, there are many who are turned off by it and don’t even give the chance to hear it out. 

In the Latin Christian music space, there are many genres from Worship to Trap and everything in between. I would love to do an experiment with current LCM market listeners. The experiment would entail of 3 genres of music from the LCM market space of unsigned independent LCM artists, current  LCM listeners between the ages of 18-25 yrs. old, male and female to see if they would consume music of 3 unsigned independent LCM artists.

This experiment would help support the launching of an LCM project that could be very successful and to show a major label that LCM  artists are worth signing to their label. 

LCM is great music there is something for everyone no matter what vibe of music interests you. Most important there is a grand message that is uplifting and comforting. I look forward to testing this experiment out in the near future. Latin Christian music has recently made it into the Latin Grammys award show and has its own category. Here is a snippet into the world of current successful LCM artists just to name a few, Redimi2Damaris Guerra, Priscilla AlcantaraEvan Craft, that happen to be doing very well, amongst others.

Overall, executing this experiment will allow me to present concrete data that will support an amazing initiative that in turn will be a win-win for all.

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