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Social Media Auditing for Emerging Artists

Social media auditing provides insight into different aspects of social media goals and whether or not you have met them or not.  Social media analytics allows you to see engagement, demographics, possible ROI and other specifics. Allowing you to sort through your social media accounts to remove what isn’t working and zoom in on what is. Ensuring consistency and alignment of the brand throughout. I have added a  link and video here for a more in-depth general market social media auditing explanation. 

Unfortunately, in the music industry, I see the need for this a lot with emerging artists who are just starting out and are trying to build their own presence. Usually, their social media accounts will not be up to par due to inexperienced management of social media accounts. They don’t understand the importance of social media consistency.

With that said I will give some helpful tips that can be applied to successfully do a social media audit for you or your artists brand. 

1. Make sure that all your SM handles have the same name. For example, @creativemusictalks 

This should be the handle for all the social media accounts, so first make sure the name is available for each platform. This will make it easy for you or your artist to be found. There are so many artists with different handles that represent them and it’s a mess to sort through. Make it easy for the fans to find. 

2. Make sure the contact information is up to date and consistent on all platforms.

You don’t know how many times I’ve gone on an artist’s social media page and come to find a phone number is either disconnected or there isn’t one. If we are interested, we are going to want to get in touch and not through a DM. 

3. Make sure that all the social media accounts have the same content. If there is a music video out make sure that each of the accounts has that same video, also make sure all the platforms have all the same pictures. When I say videos and pictures you want your most prized to be seen across all platforms.  This will give people the opportunity to see your content regardless of which platform they are visiting.

4. Have an artist website. Your own website says a lot about you. This website will be the hub for your brand this is where you want everything to flow back to. 

Those of us in the business who are shopping for artists will see that the artist means business, because there is pride in the brand. 

5. Finally, make sure everything links up and works properly. If you have an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube account etc. Make sure on each platform that somewhere on the page there are links to each of the other social media platforms. To be specific, if I’m on your Instagram page from your Instagram page I want to be able to be navigated from there to your SoundCloud or any of your other Social Media pages. Make sure the video and iTunes store links work so fans can stream or buy the music. 

There is nothing more frustrating for an A&R to actually take the time to check an artist’s social media account and come to find the video doesn’t play for some reason. 

Taking the time to correctly set up social media accounts from the beginning will help you to quickly be able to perform a social media audit. 

Take the time every 3-4 weeks, to perform an audit. This will help you to better understand what is working and what isn’t. It will help the process to better connect with listeners who can become lifelong fans. 

Overall, social media is representing the brand and social media auditing can help you show the best version of your brand. Remember consistency and thoroughness is key. 

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