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The Benefits of Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing is when a company goes through its data and corrects or removes unwanted records from its database. This process is important for any business because it helps to provide consistent value to the company & client. 

There are many benefits of data cleansing. These benefits will help you save time, money, correct metrics, and value of the brand as a whole. 

I will provide a few benefits that data cleansing can provide.

1. Saves you time: 

Having a clean database allows you to be able to be confident in your segmentation when you need to create a quick campaign. For example, you only want to target current women customers who downloaded an e-book in 2019. 

2. Saves you money:

Having a clean database allows you to send the correct information out to the right person. This gives you the ability to know that you didn’t waste your marketing dollars on sending to an outdated contact. For example, sending a bad e-mail or sending to the wrong mailing address. 

3. Correct metrics: 

Having a clean database provides correct metrics. If your database is dirty, metrics will be off. For example, women who signed up for the e-book in 2019 were really women from 2018, but it didn’t specify which year they downloaded the e-book so both years are combined. 

4.  The brand as a whole: 

Having a clean database is good for the brand. For example, if you send a catalog to someone who is no longer in your database that person no longer lives there, whoever receives the mail Well have a bad impression of the brand. 

Overall, Data cleansing is important for any company. It improves efficiency, saves time & money and is great for the brand’s image. Everyone should take the time to clean their company’s database.

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