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How to conduct an AB Experiment in The Music Industry

AB Testing is an experiment between two versions of a video, webpage or e-mail, etc. and has one changed variable. Doing an AB experiment can help you determine what elements work and what don’t. I enjoyed doing my AB testing on the videos I created. This is how I did mine. For example, I made two video tutorials on “How to make a music marketing plan with 7 easy steps in 7 days.” The one element that I changed was one had a voice-over and the other one didn’t. Believe it or not, the one with the voice over did much better than the one without. I highly recommend creating your very own AB experiment. Below I will provide the basic steps I took to create an AB test for my two music marketing videos.

1. I came up with a topic that I wanted to cover.

2. I created 2 videos on this topic in PowToons.  One with a voice over and one without.

3. I uploaded my videos to my YouTube channel. 

4. I created 2 campaigns on Google Ad Wordsfor each video that had $15.00 each and each video ran at $0.01 CPV for 4 days.

5. Once the campaigns ended, I analyzed  Google analytics and YouTube analytics to see how my videos did.

Overall, conducting an AB experiment is beneficial for any area of business. Anyone can create one and they are rather simple to put together. If you follow the basic steps, you too can create an AB experiment. If you are unsure of a business decision to make for a certain product or service, try conducting an AB experiment and you may get the answer you were looking for. It was an amazing experience for me, and I was surprised of the outcome. I recommend giving AB testing a try.  

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