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Insights On Survey Writing For The Music Industry

Surveys are a great way to gather insights on how a company is doing such as, How to target the consumer & how to provide better customer service, what’s working and what isn’t and much more.

All companies would benefit from having a research study done on their products or services. The music industry is no different we too want to know how fans engage, how often do they listen to music, what is there preferred method of consuming music, what is their preferred genre, who is their favorite artist and more. With that said at some point, surveys need to be conducted. There are many ways to conduct research, but for today I will provide you with some tools to construct a survey.

There are quite a few free survey tools that you can use to give your company a jumpstart in the right direction. Here are a few: 

  • Google Forms
  • Survey Monkey
  • Typeform (Coreplan) 
  • Survicate 

    Keep in mind that the surveys are a form of research and the purpose of the research is to gather information to meet the overall objective. With that said the way you pose your questions could be the difference of you getting the information that you need or not. 

    So most important is first understand the following:

    What is the objective of the survey?

    Who will be your target audience for this survey?

    What survey questions will you ask to meet the objective?

    Once you have this figured out you can begin to construct your survey. Your survey should be easy to understand, not too long, most important questions should be asked at the beginning of the survey, don’t include double-barreled questions. Here is a link on how to construct survey questions. 

    Overall, surveys are a great tool that is available to us all, so whether you are just getting your company started or you are an established company surveys can benefit your company in many ways. 

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