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How To Develop Your Artist Brand with IMC

The music industry is a tough field and now in the day, it is crucial that an artist is marketed in the correct manner. Integrated Marketing Communications better known as IMC is crucial for the life of the artist’s career. As an A&R/Marketing professional, I coach emerging artists and managers on how to begin to launch their careers with invaluable information. I talk to them about IMC and how to go about creating the process for the customer journey (the fan journey).

There are many artists that are very talented, but they have no direction when it comes to marketing themselves, so I give them these simple pointers to guide them along the way. The overall goal is to get them to engage, buy your music and become a fan. Here are some crucial IMC tips that will guide you on the right path.

  • Create a website. Make sure your website has quality content. Your website should have all your social media channels, music platforms and music videos, concert information, and pictures.
  • All your social media channels should be consistent. They should have the same name. EX. The infiltrators, when someone Googles your artist name, they should be able to find this name on all SM platforms exactly the same, so make sure that the name is available for all platforms.
  • On your SM channels tease new music and add a swipe up that leads to your music platform page, so they can buy or download your music. Promote your next show and how can a fan win some concert tickets to come see you, or any other type of promotion. 
  • On your YouTube channel make sure that you have all your SM links as well as links to buy or stream your music. Such as a link to iTunes, Spotify, Deezer etc. 
  • On all music platforms where your music lives. Make sure all your content is consistent, with the same artist name. 

Overall, IMC is crucial for the success of an artist’s career. You are the brand and using these IMC techniques will help you create and build awareness for your brand with the end goal to convert a listener to a lifelong fan. 

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