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How To Design A Research Study In The Music Industry

Designing a research study can be beneficial to your company by providing key insights into what your consumers want and need. In addition, this in the long term will not only save you money, but also, make you money, it is a win, win for all. Below are some guided questions that you can fill in the blank to construct your study. Answering these questions will help ensure you are on the right path to creating a solid research design for your music company.

These are the questions to answer to create a research design.

  • Format – What will the format of your research study be? A questionnaire, an interview, or a focus group?
  • The who- Who is the sample you are going to use?  Ex. Men, Women, teens, who are music platform subscribers?
  • The construct- What is the main idea? What information are you trying to gather from this study? What do you want to know?Ex. What makes them subscribe to a paid music platform vs. free streaming?
  • Operational definition – How are you going to capture the main idea? What are the research questions you will be asking to get these answers? Ex. Do you prefer to stream music in any order? Do you prefer music on demand?

When designing a research study there are a few things to keep in mind. The most important thing during a research study is to make sure you understand what the research question is that you are trying to answer. You can set a research objective that will help you with the rest of your research planning to make sure that you meet your overall goal. In addition, before you move forward in the research study make sure all deciding parties are on board with the research objective this will help with the overall success of the research project.

In conclusion, a quality research study done right can be an amazing tool that can provide invaluable information. Connecting with your consumers is crucial to your company’s success.

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