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Making A Dashboard For Your Music Artist And What To Include

A dashboard is a visual interface that summarizes data gathered from multiple locations.

There are different types of dashboards, but today I will introduce to you what a marketing dashboard is and how you can make one for your artist. 

A marketing dashboard tracks the effectiveness, progress and ROI initiatives. This type of dashboard can assist with traditional and online marketing. 

For example, Print & radio advertising, call logs and e-mail marketing, PPC (pay per cost), clicks, impressions, conversions, social media analytics & SEO progress.  A marketing dashboard can be used to keep abreast of a company’s success. 

Now I will explain what you will need to make a marketing dashboard for your artist. Here are some metrics that should be included in your artists dashboard.

  • Demographics
  • Streams / Downloads / Saves from platforms, such as, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube
  • Social Media, such as, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (Fan Engagement)
  • Charts and Insights

Creating an artist’s dashboard using these metrics will allow you to track your artists to see what’s working and what’s not. This will help guide you to implement any changes if necessary, to achieve overall artists success. 

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