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Storytelling in the Music Industry & Why It’s Important

In the music industry, every song has a story. Artists are usually telling their story via their lyrics. They may sing about how they were hurt or how they have fallen in love and then we follow it up with an amazing video that tells the story visually. These two examples are the vehicle to connect with the audience and that is the whole point of storytelling is to connect with your audience. 

When we market out artists, we give a back story, as to who they are and what they are about. What their new song represents and how much it means to them. This then leads into the release of their song “The Storyline”. 

How do you connect with your audience?

Answer these 3 questions:

Why are you telling the story?

What is the message about?

Why is the moment now?

Learn who your audience is and why would they want to hear your story. You can then tell your story to make your connection.

It’s important to understand how to reach your audience via telling your story so that you can connect mind & heart, leaving an ever-lasting impression. 

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