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UX Aspects That Marketers Should Be Focused On

UX experience can be a great tool if used properly. They key to the UX experience is to be focused on the users needs & to provide an overall positive experience with the brand. I don’t know about you, but I have definitely experienced some disconnect when using several websites when attempting to obtain information. To be specific, Have you ever gone on a website just to be able to find a phone number and it’s just so difficult to find? This should be the easiest thing to find on the website. This has happened to me several times. Some companies are so focused on having a fancy website that they forget about the functionality of what it’s for. With that said I will give a few examples of how we can avoid your customer having a bad experience. With the UX design process there are key things you can go over to see if you are in alignment with your customers expectations. 

For example,

  • Know the value. What value are you offering your customer that is superior to your competition?
  • Branding. Your customers want to know what they are getting. Is this a clear message?
  • Ease of shopping. Make sure your website & telephone experience is user friendly. 
  • Connections. Make sure that your brand is connecting with the audience, you want your brand to be talked about by your customers in a positive light. After all, word of mouth is everything.
  • It’s all about the customer. Make them feel important; let them know you value their loyalty. 
  • Research. Research your audience before you do any marketing plan/campaign, as you don’t want those marketing dollar’s to go to waste. 

Over all, The UX Design process is intended to make life easier. When building out the process keep in mind that this is to be used and as effortlessly, as possible. 

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