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How To Be A Leader In Your Industry & Do You Need A Title?

You don’t need to have a title to be a leader. True leaders are individuals who are proactive, willing to serve, willing to take up any tasks and learn what the needs are to find a solution.  I consider myself to be a leader at heart. I take the initiative to understand where there is a need and do my best to meet that need. I am able to do this by asking the following questions: 

Who is in need, what do they need, why do they need it? How can I make this happen. I believe in connecting with people and understanding how I can help. I believe once I  understand what the need is I have a clearer understanding of what my goals will be to accomplish to meeting their needs. 

Overall, understanding the needs will help determine the execution process. You don’t need to have the title to be a leader, just be one. 

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